Step 3: Find & Screen Talent

Once you have posted your vacancies and job profiles, you'll be able to see a list of candidates as suggested by Hyrd's algorithms as well. The shortlisting process starts as soon your jobs go online, making it easier and faster for you to start hiring the right people.

Click on Talent Explorer to see all the candidates on the platform who match what you are looking for. Further filter your search by ticking the kind of profile you are looking for on the Profile Status column on the right.

Click on a particular candidate to see their 1 minute video profile and other details. If you think they have potential you can even invite them for a particular vacancy that you have posted.

Check your Dashboard to see a general overview of each of your vacancies, the number of candidates who have applied as well as what stage of the interview process they are at.

Use the Actions drop-down tab to start the interview process with a particular candidate. You can then ask the candidate to answer your 1-way interview questions, schedule a video interview or ask them to upload their documents.

Each candidate's status can be tracked and updated as they progress!