How to Prepare for Your Interview

We understand that giving interviews are tough. But it need not be. Though Hyrd algorithms ensure that you automatically get matched with the right job from the start, here are some other ways to help you give that killer interview:

  1. Thoroughly read and understand what the job profile is and what it entails so you know that you'd be a good fit.
  2. Research the company so that you are not stumped by any question and can explain why you want to work for them.
  3. Anticipate potential questions and prepare in advance. Write down key career related stories and achievements that you can expand on during the interview. 
  4. Be yourself, be confident and focus on explaining how you can contribute to the company.
  5. Follow up.
Make a lasting impression by:
  • Listening carefully and being clear and concise with your answers. It is okay to take notes as well! 
  • Highlighting your strongest attributes (without being overconfident!), and share relevant experiences and achievements, based around the skills that you've identified as important to the company. It helps to have those career related stories fleshed out before the interview begins. 
  • Showing that you are energetic and sincerely interested in the role.
  • Asking relevant questions and get all the clarity you need during the interview process and before accepting any offer.
  • Informing your interviewer(s) that you're available to answer any follow-up questions.
Critical pre-interview research that will set you apart:
  • Know as much as possible about the company you have applied to work for -  what they do, how old is their establishment, potential customers/clients, culture, and other relevant details.
  • Study their website and all the digital collateral Hyrd shares with you.
  • Learn about the industry the company is in. Be sure that you understand what they do and how you would be a good fit in that line of work. 
  • Learn about all the products and services they have to offer - know the brand names, how they endorse themselves, etc.
  • Check for press releases or the latest news about the company. If they are a listed firm, keep track of how they are trending on the stock market.
  • Familiarize yourself with the leadership team – their past experiences, academic backgrounds etc. Keep track of their speaking opportunities, if any, to learn a little more about them.
Bottom Line

When you decide to apply for a job with a company, make sure you are thoroughly prepared for the entire interview process. Preparation is the key to giving a killer interview and getting that job.