Stage 2: Two-Way Interviews

Hyrd's state of the art screening process ensures you only speak to relevant talent. State of the art video conferencing technology allows you to interact and interview talent online, with crystal clear quality. 

Here's how it works.

In order to invite talent you've shortlisted to an interview, you'll need to first navigate to the dashboards. From here, click the 'Action' button and then Schedule 2-Way Interview.

Your talent will get a notification in their Inbox, allowing them to confirm their availabilities immediately.

When the interview time comes, simply click the Video Interview link from your own inbox and you'll be able to start the interview online.

For audit or reference purposes, hiring managers will have the option to record these interviews. 

Refer to articles (in the Help Centre) - Prepare for interviews - to be better prepared. 

The majority of the user experience will not be impacted by network speed issues. However, for video recordings and video interviews, talent and company will require a minimum network strength 512 Kbps.