Stage 1: One-way Interviews

The One-way interview is the start of direct communication between talent and a company. 

This is how it works for hiring managers. 

  • Hiring managers can invite talent for interviews by simply clicking on the 'Action' button on the vacancy details page (accessible through dashboards).

  • A hiring manager can post a question and have talent share either a written or pre-recorded video response. 
  • The talent's response will show in the hiring manager's inbox.
This is how it works for Talent. 
In two simple clicks you can view and reply to the questions asked by the hiring managers.

Once your profile has been shortlisted for a role, the Company will post a question to you,  which will show up in your inbox. 

Click on Reply (refer to the image below), to send an email response to the question. 

Alternatively, you can pre-record a video response and share it with the hiring manager. 

Click on 'Record answers for all previous questions' (refer to the image), and record a video response to the question and send it back to the hiring manager.

For assistance, refer to tips on making & uploading your video profile & pre-recorded responses.