Step 2: Post Jobs

Hyrd provides you with a personalised dashboard that will give you access to relevant information, data points and analytics. Information visible on the dashboard is pre-populated basis the hiring team’s activities. The displayed data on the dashboard automatically updates without any assistance from the user. 

Through the dashboard get quick access to:
  • All job postings listed by the hiring team.
  • Number of job postings that are Active and Inactive. 
  • Number of candidates being interviewed across different job postings. 
  • Collate relevant and meaningful data to share with the business, such as –
    • Type of vacancy (full-time / part-time/ contract);
    • Number of days a position has been vacant; and
    • Across how many and which all locations is Talent being placed.
  • Monitor performance by viewing key performance indicators. 
  • Add new job postings.  With an easy click on ‘Add Vacancy’ – it’s simple to upload all relevant details of the job posting.   

The default dashboard should be sufficient for your business needs, however, should there be a requirement for additional information please reach out to the Hyrd team and we will be happy to help.