Step 3: Apply for a Job

Once you have completed setting up your profile, Hyrd's algorithms will instantly match you with job postings. You can see these suggestions on your Home Page.

Hyrd matches job recommendations with relevant job seekers based on keywords in your profile.

Keywords may be found in your academic qualifications, your previous job experience and your personality word cloud. When creating your profile make sure to use keywords relevant to your skills and experiences, e.g. 'business development', 'customer service', 'Microsoft Excel' etc. to attract employers to your page.

You can also see the latest job posts by clicking on the New Vacancies or Jobs Explorer Tabs.

See a matching job profile that interests you? Apply for it now by following these steps: 

1. Click on the job post to see more information.

2.  Click on Apply Now to begin your application.

3. Prepare and be ready for an interview

Once you have completed an application, make sure you are ready for an interview and prepare for it. If you have any application related or Hyrd site related queries please contact

Good Luck!