Step 1: Getting Started

1. Click on 'COMPANY' and register using a valid email ID.

2. Company Profile

Start completing your company's public profile on Hyrd and build your "Employer Brand" . Hyrd can help you significantly enhance talent attraction and simultaneously optimise recruitment operations by presenting your company's brand image as you want potential candidates to see it. 

  • Share relevant information about your company. 
  • Upload a short corporate video. 
  • Add details of all hiring managers in your team.
  • Draw attention to your company's culture, vision, and leadership.

3. Get Hyring! 

Once you have completed your company's profile, you can start posting your vacancies and Hyrd's algorithms will instantly start matching candidates to your job postings. For more details, read on:

Home Page

Your Home page shows you a snapshot of all the vacancies you have posted, suggested candidates as well as the number of applicants being interviewed.

Cut down your talent search time by using the Talent Explorer

  1. Access Hyrd's talent pool to hire faster. Start in the Talent Explorer by using relevant search filters such as employment type (full time, part time), relocation preferences, etc.
  2. Tag words listed below the candidate’s profile will further refine the search to best match talent with a position.
  3. Do away with administrative and logistical tasks by using Hyrd to schedule interviews immediately. 
  4. Interview candidates using the latest video conferecing technology and cut short the time spent on the process significantly. 


Keep an eye on each vacancy and their relevant statistics in your Dashboard. Hyrd provides you tools to measure and maximise the efficiency and quality of your recruitment process. The 'Action's dropdown button lets you move through candidates and interviews faster than ever before.